a Cue Career product


FG Access, a specialized offering within the Cue Career portfolio, is meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of first-generation, low-income (FGLI) students. This initiative is propelled by Cue Career, an organization dedicated to providing career exploration and workforce development resources to students, educators, and families.

FG Access First-Generation Advisory Board

FG Access was developed in collaboration with a team of first-generation working professionals (recent grads). This committed group consistently provides invaluable advisory insights to the Cue Career team in the refinement of the FG Access product, and, in acknowledgment of their valuable contributions, has received equitable compensation within Cue Career.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make it simple and efficient for FGLI students to access comprehensive information about various careers and opportunities for professional growth

Vision Statement

We aspire to narrow the skills gap and equip FGLI students for the workforce by providing a free platform that enhances their preparedness.

The Journey:

The founders of Cue Career have diverse professional experiences and understand that the reality of a career often differs from preconceived notions. Typically, individuals gain in-depth insights only into professions held by their immediate circle. Cue Career was conceived to serve as a centralized platform, allowing all students to expand their understanding of ANY career they are intrigued by.

Philanthropic Efforts

Our business model is rooted in giving back. Presently, professionals extend their support to students, fostering a cycle where college students, in turn, give back to younger students. Embracing this ethos of giving back, we are proud members of Pledge 1%, dedicating 1% of our staff time, equity, and products to charitable causes within our community.